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New @ Brookfarm - Florentina Bar

Published: Thursday, 26 February 2015

Brookfarm FlorentinaBar

Brookfarm’s new offering, Florentina Bar, is a deliciously addictive bar oven baked and bursting with Australian macadamias and almonds, coconut flakes, antioxidant cranberries, gluten free grains and nourishing seeds. So so good!

Created to be part of the celebration when Will Brook married the lovely Jess, the Florentina Bar was created as a token of love and thanks for all the attending guests at this beautiful country wedding held on the grounds of Brookfarm itself. The gifted bars proved such a hit, the Brook family decided to spread the love and create a bar for everyone to enjoy.
At Brookfarm we like to think that when you unwrap and savour the Florentina you not only appreciate the burst of flavor it delivers but have the time to enjoy a quiet moment of happiness and well being.
The Florentina from Brookfarm – truly made with love.

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