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Alchemy, Ubud, Bali

Published: Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Late last year I travelled to Ubud, Bali for 5 days of R & R. On day one I stumbled across this little cafe called Alchemy. The cafe was kind of out of the main tourist area however those that new about it spoke highly of the food.

The smoothie menu was extensive. I was waiting for my order and in came a few boxes of produce. I noticed clumps of soil on the herbs and at this point began to ask questions. My little smoothie making man started the story with this is Kale from our farm. The majority of the produce in this cafe was straight from the Alchemy organic farm. My smoothie man left me wanting to know more.


Later that same day I went back for lunch. I sat down and looked through the all raw menu. The option I chose was a Lettuce Wrap. As I'm sitting down enjoying this out comes bowls and bowls of fresh salads. Alchemy also provided a salad bar lunch option. I was so intrigued by the look of some of the raw food here that I had to
investigate. The deal was you pay about $8 Australian for 6 scoops from the salad bar.

Then, I found myself thanking the part owner. I asked her if she had a minute to chat I was so impressed with this set up. Elena Cholovsky was her name. She sat with me for an hour and told me how the Alchemy concept began. Two years ago she was living in Russia, had a great job, loving family and life seemed great on paper. Elaina was itching for a lifestyle change. She literally packed up a suitcase, booked a ticket to Bali where her personal thoughts of moving their to create a healthy life for her self and see what happens.

Well what happened was she met up with another two young ladies and they discussed the concept of a Raw Cafe. All three shared this vision and it was at the right time an investor came along and allowed the girls to create their dream. 'The 3 of us all bought something to the table to make the vision a reality' said Elena. 'What we offer at Alchemy is pure, real, raw organic food'. she added.

The girls source their produce from an organic farm at the top of the mountain about 2 hours drive from the cafe. The farm delivery comes in early mornings and we crate the salad bar from what comes in each day.

The cafe employs around 40 local Balinese people. An Organic, Raw, Vegan business is certainly not a profitable business to have. Elaina tells me costs are very high but it was a lifestyle choice she made not based on money and is living exactly how she wants to.

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