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Teven Tintenbar Public School Recipe Book

Published: Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Just before Christmas, the Teven-Tintenbar school community published an innovative new recipe book.

The book, which was put together by the school’s Fundraising Committee, contains an eclectic collection of more than 130 much-loved recipes from school parents and teaching staff.

'It’s true that we have a high percentage of foodies amongst the parents and staff, and we wanted to create a resource that captured and shared everyone’s favourite
recipes, and formed the beginnings of a lifelong cooking resource,' said project coordinator, Michelle Mahon.


'We hope that our little book is a valuable addition to kitchens everywhere.'TTrecipe

The finished result contains recipes as diverse as Polish pork and cabbage rolls (Golabki); beef, pumpkin and prune tagine; san choy bow; traditional Greek baklava; macadamia polenta cake; and the world’s easiest banana bread.

The recipe book should appeal to both seasoned cooking pros as well as novices, with a combination of traditional and modern cooking, many authentic recipes from around the world, and a tempting selection of gluten free and healthy meal alternatives.

The book also contains a beautiful series of mini-masterchef style images. The recipe books retail for $18 each and can be purchased directly at the school or ordered from the schools internet site at (select the P&C link).

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